Announcing: Free Video Piano Lessons!

As I have been hinting, I have started offering free video piano lessons through a wonderful online newsletter called Sixty and Me. Many of the posts on Sixty and Me are geared towards women, but my video piano lessons are for everyone. We will be making our way through my Upper Hands Piano Book 1 together, with a new lesson posting every two weeks. I think that many of you might be beyond the Book 1 level, but if you know anyone who might like to try free video piano lessons (all you need to buy is my book – scroll down), please forward this post to them. I hope to reach many people who might not otherwise try piano lessons, so please help me spread the word!

Of course learning one on one with a piano teacher is the very best way to learn to play, but if that isn’t possible right now, you might enjoy my free video piano lessons! All you have to do is subscribe to Sixty and Me (a daily newsletter of interest to adults over 50) and you will get my free video lessons every two weeks via the newsletter (every other Thursday is the plan).

Click here to watch my introductory video, and subscribe to the newsletter. Then you’re in!

Hope your year is off to a great start! With love and Music, Gaili

Canadian Friends can order Upper Hands Piano BOOK 1 here

UK Friends can order Upper Hands Piano BOOK 1 here.

Australian friends, Amazon is currently out of my books, but I am hoping they will get them back in stock soon!

4 Replies to “Announcing: Free Video Piano Lessons!”

  1. I bought the book and I can’t wait to start your lessons! I took lessons years ago in my 20s but recently purchased a keyboard and want to get back into playing. I only learned chords with my left hand, was not very successful playing with my left hand.


    1. Thanks Sheree! I am so glad you will be joining us for my free piano lessons. How great that you just bought a keyboard- we are in sync! We will start from the beginning so you will be able to review and to strengthen your left hand skills. Thanks for your comment! Gaili

    1. Hi Linda
      The first lesson will appear around January 19th on Sixty and Me. The timeline is every two weeks, on Thursdays usually. Also I will provide a link to the lessons here on my blog, which if you have subscribed, will appear in your email inbox. Thanks for asking Linda! Gaili

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