April Free Sheet Music: April Showers (an easy arrangement and a jazz ballad)

Happy April! Today I have arranged April Showers as a slow jazz ballad, because it seems to encompass the wistful sentiment of the day, and as actor Timothée Chalamet says in the film A Rainy Day in New York, “I love a cocktail lounge piano, outside it drizzles, gray….” My favorite April Showers recordings are by Judy Garland, and Frank Sinatra!

The April Showers jazz ballad is a late-intermediate arrangement, and it will only be on the website for a year, so print today!

Print the April Showers jazz ballad arrangement here

If you would like the easier piano arrangement for the late-beginner level, click here:

I hope that you are doing well and feeling hopeful today. I am receiving my second Covid vaccine tomorrow, and feel so excited about the new freedom and peace of mind it will bring me in two weeks. I am imagining seeing students in person again, going to the movies, LA Philharmonic concerts at Disney Hall, and eating at restaurants with friends. What are you most looking forward to doing again? Will you go back to in-person piano lessons, or will you opt to continue with online lessons? Leave us a comment and let us know how you are doing! Have you April-fooled anyone yet today?

I am still working on my new books: I can’t wait to share them with you. They are being reviewed by publishers this month. Meanwhile, below you can find my Upper Hands Piano books for adults over 50. Take care and be well!

With love and music, Gaili

8 Replies to “April Free Sheet Music: April Showers (an easy arrangement and a jazz ballad)”

  1. All is well here Gaili,♫ Thank you for the music ♫ (Has to be a song in there)
    We have had our first shot, next on is in July.so far.
    Missing our family most of all.
    Ontario is going into a month long lockdown on Saturday.
    Be safe.
    Len Tudor

    1. Hi Len- I’m glad you are well. I’m surprised that you aren’t getting your second shot until July. But I think that the UK and Canada ar making it a priority to get everyone their first vaccine before giving out second vaccines, which makes sense. It must be very difficult to not see your kids/grand kids though. But hopefully before too long it will be safe for everyone to be together again. Take care Len, thanks for writing in. Lots of love

  2. Gaili, your music has been so welcome this past year while I was playing alone. I especially love it when you include a video of your playing. I can download it and then eventually play along with you. It helps me get the tempo right. I am fully vaccinated but, unlike you, not in a hurry to mingle again. Will have to nudge myself out of this isolated routine. Thanks so much for your arrangements.

    1. Thanks Kathy! Yes, I will try to post videos on future posts. I have ordered a mini iPhone tripod so that I don’t have to hunt down a family member to video me playing!

  3. Thanks for the video of April showers. I think I can handle that.
    \When It says Jazz I always think I have to speed things up, and in doing that I make mistakes.
    For me I am much more comfortable playing tunes that I know and like. makes it easier to know the speed and tempo.
    Thanks again Gaili

    1. I’m glad you said that because I’m sure a lot of people think of jazz as crazy fast frenetic music. And some of it is, but my favorite jazz pieces are the slow ballads such as Miles Davis’ Someday My Prince Will Come, Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable, Chet Baker’s Time After Time, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s albums. I hope you enjoy playing April Showers!

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