April Showers Demonstration Video

Hi Friends!

I received two requests to add a demonstration video for April Showers- the intermediate jazz ballad arrangement. I’m sorry I didn’t include it in the first place; I was in a rush to create and post the arrangements by April 1st and didn’t have anyone around to shoot the video. But it is there now, so click HERE to view the video, and download the free sheet music if you haven’t already. Have a great weekend!!

With love and music, Gaili

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  1. Thanks for “April Showers” and the fingering patterns which are needed for the smooth chord transitions. In bar 19 you seem to have the pattern reversed from bar 3, although they appear the same?

    1. Thanks for your comment Henry! I went back and forth on the fingering, but decided to use finger-2 for measure 19 because it seemed to better prepare your hand for measure 21 “…you soon will….” But I could have used the same fingering and perhaps it would have been less confusing. Use whichever fingering feels better to you. You’re very observant! I’m glad you’re paying attention 🙂

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