August Free Sheet Music: Chopin Nocturne (intermediate arrangement) PART 2

Today, as promised, I have posted the full arrangement of Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2, transposed to F. You can find the original sheet music plus my demonstration video for the first two pages in last month’s post. Here is my demonstration video for the third and fourth pages:

Have you been playing the first two pages of the Nocturne in the last month? How is it going? I hope you have been enjoying learning this beautiful piece; it is not easy, so take it slow, and be patient with the process. This link contains all four pages, but you can print just pages 3-4 if you already have pages 1-2:

PRINT Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2

Happy August! I hope you are taking some time to be with family or friends this summer. I just visited a friend who lives on the Central Coast of California, and enjoyed a pastoral vacation watching hawks, deer, sea otters, seals and many other animals. It was cool and quiet, and getting away from the city felt rejuvenating!

This is your last chance to print my free arrangement of the Maple Leaf Rag before it disappears on September 1st. The link above contains demonstration videos in two tempos! It’s a great piece but very difficult to play in its original key of A-flat; I transposed it to C, so print today!

Enjoy the rest of your summer! With love and music, Gaili

P.S. Here are some of my books – thanks for supporting my blog!

4 Replies to “August Free Sheet Music: Chopin Nocturne (intermediate arrangement) PART 2”

  1. Hi Gaili, its always lovely to find your monthly offerings of sheet music and piano wisdom in my mailbox. I’ve been intermittently in and out of town since the beginning of May, first to Scotland and Ireland for an entire month, then to spend time with family and friends in Berkeley, and soon off to Des Moines. In Ireland I heard some amazing music at various pubs.The pipes, especially blew me away! Always the piano awaits my return, and these intervals are no longer as painful as those long hiatuses were, back when we first met. Back home we’re in the midst of monsoon season with dramatic dust storms leading to showers. It’s too hot to spend time in the garden so I’ve headed back to the gym to work off those delicious Irish meals. At the piano I’ve been working on last month’s 2 pages of Chopin’s Nocturne and assorted music tutorials on YouTube. Glad to hear you’re taking time to chill out in nature.

    1. Wow, how great that you have been traveling so much! I love that there is so much live music in Ireland. Scotland too! We’ve been to many Irish music festivals and competitions in Ireland and the US. It’s amazing how nearly every child learns an instrument, or to sing or do traditional dancing. Music is such a high priority. I love the pipes too. The Irish Uilleann Pipes seem like they would be easier to play than the Scottish bagpipes.

      Yikes dust storms sound terrifying. I hope it’s not too bad. Where do you live? I’m not remembering. Thanks for your comment Nancy! -Gaili

      1. I live in Chandler Arizona. It’s an east valley suburb of Phoenix. How wonderful that you guys are part of the Irish festival scene.

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