August Free Sheet Music: Solace

Scott Joplin was one of the most innovative composers in the history of western music. Credited with inventing ragtime music in the 1890s, Joplin composed over 100 pieces before he died at age 48. One of my favorite Joplin pieces is Solace. Though not as popular as The Entertainer or The Maple Leaf Rag, Solace, with the subtitle, A Mexican Serenade, is a slow, reflective piece that expresses a wide range of emotions. You may remember that Solace was featured in the 1973 film, The Sting.

I have arranged the final theme from Solace for early-intermediate piano. As always, remember that the fingering I have printed is only a suggestion. If you find a fingering you like better, cross mine out and write yours in, in order to keep your fingering consistent.


Here’s a demonstration video of my early-intermediate arrangement of Solace

If my arrangement is too difficult for you to play, just play the top notes of the treble staff; that way you will still enjoy Joplin’s beautiful melody without the difficulty of playing two right hand notes at a time. If you are a more advanced pianist and would like to play Joplin’s original sheet music, click below:

Photo of breakfast tray with flowers

I hope that playing the piano is providing some solace for you. Sometimes a tasty meal, a cutting of flowers, or a beautiful melody can lift our spirits and remind us that a world of beauty surrounds us. What are you doing to self-care?

Have you been playing any of the French music or the Swan Lake arrangement I posted last month? Please tell us about your progress in the comments below!

With love and music, Gaili

Author, Upper Hands Piano: A Method for Adults 50+ to Spark the Mind, Heart and Soul

4 Replies to “August Free Sheet Music: Solace”

  1. This is a great arrangement. I think I have looked at the full version of this piece before and given up. Thanks for much for your great arrangement Galli. I just adore the Satie It’s my new go to piece to play every day. Good brain exercises with all the changing patterns and rhythms..

  2. Hi Gaili, I hope you and yours are safe and out of harms way from the brutal fires. Arizona skies are smokey with the sun orange today, blowing in from Cali. Daily I’ve been playing through the Upper Hands books, focusing on pieces from book 3, Fur Elise, and exercise 1 in book 4 appendix this week. Also Jaymes Taylor and Van Morrison books. My speed is improving but not where I hope it to be someday. I’m puzzled by how to play 11 chords (A11, E11) but with googles help I‘m learning to wing it. As always I so appreciate your work. Love, Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! There is an awful yellow pall from the fires. All day yesterday and today as well, it is dark and yellow. Though the fires are not too near LA, the smoke seems to be covering the sun. Very creepy. We are so sad fro friends across the state who are inhaling the smoke, and are in some cases evacuating. My apologies to the state of Arizona for our yearly fires!

      Generally with 11 chords, think of it as a Dominant 7 chord, and throw in a 4 somewhere. For example, with A11, play an A7 chord, then add the 4 (the 4th note of the A Major scale which is D) somewhere. I would voice an A11 chord this way bottom to top: Left: A G Right: B D G. That includes a 9 too though (the B).

      Thanks for your comment!

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