Claire de lune free sheet music reissued!

It has been awhile since I posted, as I was in France and England for 4 weeks, enjoying amazing architecture, music, art, books, and food with my family. One lucky day last spring I received a request to exchange my little house in Los Angeles for this 17th Century chateau in the Cognac region of France 😮 We hadn’t planned on a trip to France, but when someone wants to give you their chateau for 4 weeks, you must at least consider it!

The chateau was located on 300 acres of lush grasslands, lakes, apple orchards and hiking trails. Though it was large (5 bedrooms) and majestic, it was very cozy inside, and we had the time of our lives! Unfortunately the French family did not own a piano, but they had a little keyboard, so I was able to keep my fingers moving 🎹

And of course a few days in Paris (also on a home exchange) brought breathtaking views, wonderful bookstores, music and museums.

While driving through the French countryside, we listened to all kinds of French music: Satie, Debussy, Charles Trenet, Charles Aznavour, and Django Reinhardt.

We flew in and out of London where we got to visit the National Gallery. The Vermeer paintings of women playing a virginal (early harpsichord) were beautiful.

This all brings me to the issue at hand. Ever since I retired the sheet music for Clair de lune from my website I have had almost daily requests for it. I am happy to send it by email, but I thought that I might repost the Clair de lune INTERMEDIATE and EASY sheet music here for those of you who would like to print and play it but missed the original posting.

Click below to print Clair de lune:

Clair de lune INTERMEDIATE sheet music

Click here for a video demonstration of me playing Clair de lune, intermediate.

Clair de lune EASY sheet music

I hope you enjoy playing Clair de lune as much as I have enjoyed listening to it in France! And I have some exciting news: In a few days I will begin posting a medley of the main themes to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue! I’m so excited that it came into the public domain this year. It’s a long piece, so I am taking the most beloved themes and arranging them for intermediate piano, and I will offer it free to you in installments, starting with February.

Also to celebrate the month of love, I will be hosting another GIVEAWAY in 💌February! I will be giving away 20 Kibkoh sheet music page holders to followers of this blog (in the U.S.) who leave a comment on my post in February. Every comment you leave in December 2019, and January and February 2020, gives you an additional chance to win.

I hope you are staying warm and cozy wherever you are. With love and music, Gaili

23 Replies to “Claire de lune free sheet music reissued!”

  1. Thank you for the Clare de Lune sheet which you e mailed me last week. I’m amazed that I can nearly play it already.

    1. Gareth that’s fantastic! It’s my mission to make beautiful music a little more accessible without losing the beauty and integrity of the piece. I’m so glad it’s working for you!

  2. Clair de lune is one of my favorite pieces ever. This simplified version will be great for my younger students.

  3. I love Clair De Lune I haven’t played for years but am imspired to change my priorities and spend some time at the piano again. I would love to have the simplified version if that is still possible.
    stay well.

  4. Happily trying to improve my playing of C d L with your intermediate version. Fine with most of it but I find the rh A in bar 8 a rather strange sound. Could it be my playing?

    1. Hi Jim- thanks for asking about Clair de lune. That RH A in the right hand in measure 8 is purposefully discordant. It resolves in the second half of the measure to G and B. Composers present dissonance to raise harmonic tension, then notes usually resolve to consonance eventually. Like life itself, music gets uncomfortable sometimes, and other times it is calm and melodic! I hope that makes sense 🙂

  5. Hello, Ihave been playing the piano for about two years but due to my age 83 and very small hand I could never hope to play some pieces; I have always been entranced by Clare de lune and find it a magical piece. I can cope with the first page that you have put on the internet for intermediate players and would love to continue with the rest of it. How can I get it. I live on the Shetland isles Scotland on my own and I am very isolated so have lots of time to practise. Thank you so much. William Stuart.

  6. Hello again, I now have the full Clare de lune score. I thought that there was only the first page but on printing it I fould that it was all there.

    1. Hi William! I’m so glad that you found the full Clair de lune score and are enjoying playing my arrangement. That makes me so happy! Thanks for reaching out, and please stay in touch!

  7. I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful, accessible arrangement! The Intermediate level was perfect for me – lovely and easy enough that it will actually be fun to play at my level. Your work is much appreciated!

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