7 Moving Pieces (For Inspiration)



Dear Friends:

I sometimes turn to moving music to get me through a difficult time, or to reflect my feelings of joy and appreciation. Listening to moving music is one of the greatest pleasures available, but we don’t do it enough! How often do you just sit and listen to music? Without doing the dishes, driving, or exercising? We’re all so busy, but just sitting and listening to moving music is like therapy.

We can get swept away by inexpressibly beautiful songs and pieces that release dopamine into our brains making us feel amazing!

We can turn to different types of music for the many emotions we are experiencing. Here is my list of 7 moving pieces that will hopefully inspire you to move forward with your dreams, desires, wishes and intentions.

1) Gabriel’s Oboe (Main Theme from The Mission, By Ennio Morricone)

2) Sonata Pathetique (Adagio Cantabile, By Ludwig van Beethoven)

3) Triumph of Time and Tide (Sarabande, by Georg Friedrich Handel)

4) Etude No. 26 in A-flat Major (By Frederick Chopin)

5) When You Wish Upon A Star (By Leigh Harline and Ned Washington)

6) Don’t Give Up (By Peter Gabriel, with Kate Bush)

7) Wonderful World (By Bob Thiele and George David Weiss)

What music do you listen to for inspiration?

Tomorrow,  7 Moving Pieces (For Happiness)

With love and music, Gaili

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8 Replies to “7 Moving Pieces (For Inspiration)”

  1. I just love Faure’s Requiem. Piano concertos by Brahms and Rachmaninov and most of all Chopin. We share the same birthday March 1st. For the love of music, without I couldn’t exist. Thanks Gaili, Aimee Marie Kroel

  2. Thanks for sharing some pieces you love. I will work my way through your list. Here’s a couple of mine:

    1. Hard Times Come Again No More, performed by James Taylor and Yo Yo Ma. It’s their beautiful rendition of a traditional song. Please find on youtube, Gaili. I couldn’t figure out how to post the link here 🙁

    2. Throw Down Your Heart, Bela Fleck, based on Bela’s musical journey to Africa. He traces the history of banjo music and plays with locals in assorted countries. You can find some clips on Youtube. I especially love the thumb piano. I’ll try to find the CD and post a favorite piece or two.

    Music is the universal language! No where is this more visible than at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix. It’s fabulous and worth a trip just to spend time there and immerse yourself in the many cultures, sounds, histories of music. There’s a great restaurant there, too.

  3. For some reason my posts are “anonymous” and not Nancy. I will fill out the info below and see if that helps.

    Thanks for your happy music list. I already started listening to them.


    1. Not sure why this blog does some of these strange things. Not being too technical myself it’s difficult to know. I wonder if you subscribed twice. I’ll look into it. Sorry 🙁

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