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Here is a video to expand on yesterday’s post about how to use FAKE BOOKS. I demonstrate some options for adding left hand rhythm. This is a challenging skill so take your time getting comfortable with the chords played 1-block; 2-broken in an “oom-pa” style playing the bottom note, then the top two; 3-broken playing the full chord then repeating the top two notes while holding down the bottom note; and 4-entirely broken playing left hand notes singly. Refer to the sheet music below as you watch the video (click here) (click to expand sheet music)

Careless Love, from Upper Hands Piano BOOK 3, p.50







This is what it would look like if you notated playing the full chord first, then repeating the top two notes while holding down the bottom note:

Careless Love w/ broken chords from Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 3, p.51








I hope this is helpful! Fake Books are great once you learn the chords and get comfortable varying the chord rhythms.

With love and music, Gaili

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  1. This video takes the mystery out of playing with Fake Books or chords in general when they are offered on a piece of music. It was most helpful to see your progression from simple to complex. Wonderful possibilities await down the road.


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