February Free Sheet Music: Theme from Groundhog Day (film)

One of my favorite yearly rituals is to watch the film Groundhog Day on February 1st, the night before Groundhog Day. Bill Murray plays a rude, miserable television weatherman who is on location in Punxsutawney, PA to report on the annual Groundhog Day festivities with his producer, played by Andie McDowell. For some mysterious reason, Bill Murray’s character relives that day over and over, phasing through various attitudes as the days wear on. At first he is frightened, then hopeless, then finally decides to try to become a better person. One of the things he does to redeem himself is to learn to play the piano. We hear him practicing Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43, Variation 18, and eventually the first few measures beautifully at the town’s Groundhog Day celebration, while the Andie MacDowell character watches him admiringly.

It’s a beautiful piece, so I thought you might like to learn to play it too! This arrangement is for intermediate pianists. If you would like an easier arrangement, send me (Gaili Schoen) an email at upperhandspiano@gmail.com. I can also send you the free sheet music from Valentine’s Day 2018, the beautiful Irish tune, Red Is The Rose. Feel free to share my arrangements with other teachers and students.

CLICK to PRINT the piano theme from Groundhog Day

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You might peruse the topics on the right to see if there’s anything you might like to read or reread. I recently posted 5 Exercises for more experienced pianists to be able to play softer with one hand than the other.

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I hope you are staying warm and cozy wherever you are. If we’re lucky, the groundhog will predict an early spring! With love and music, Gaili

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4 Replies to “February Free Sheet Music: Theme from Groundhog Day (film)”

  1. I’m new to your blog and to piano. It’s been 50+ years since I played the organ. Some of that is coming back to me, but generally I feel like a novice. Thank you for providing this accessible sheet music. I’d love the easier, beginner version of February’s selection. I am thrilled to be at the keyboard again. And yes, I did receive your post through email.
    Mary K.

    1. Thanks for letting me know you received my blog via email. Congratulations on taking the bold and brave step of learning to play the piano. That’s great! Your early training on organ will definitely help you! I will send your sheet music to your email address. You should be getting between 1-3 blog posts per month. I hope you keep receiving them. Best, Gaili

  2. Dear Gaili,
    This is a beautiful arrangement and makes me sound like a concert pianist. I just downloaded it and played through it four times until I could play it ‘practically perfectly’. I love this song, and your arrangement is full and rich. I first learned to love this piece from the movie ‘Somewhere in Time’.
    Thank you for all you do to encourage those of us of a certain age to ‘keep playing’ and to play daily and often. Since beginning to play your arrangements, follow your blog, and practice your piano exercises, my sight reading, playing consistency and musicality, and enjoyment of doing so, has been enhanced. Additionally, my repertoire is varied and fun, leading me to more difficult versions of the songs, as well as playing through the ‘free volume’ of music you have posted, and your books for purchase.
    Thank you and happy New Year and beyond. I love playing the piano. And, I recommend your site and methods to any and all adults who share with me that they want to either learn to play the piano, or take lessons – again.
    With gratitude and appreciation,
    Dr. AnnRené Joseph

    1. Thank you so much Dr. AnnRené. You are so generous to offer such heartfelt praise. I so appreciate your kind words and am thrilled that you are enjoying the arrangement. I’ve never seen Somewhere In Time, but am glad to know that the piece is showing up in multiple places. I hope your year is filled with music and magic. Thanks for your work in furthering the arts in our schools and communities. Best, Gaili

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