GIVEAWAY! 12 copies of Upper Hands Piano BOOK 1

Since this is the month for expressing gratitude, I would like to say that I am deeply grateful for the work I get to do– blogging about issues of interest to piano players and teachers, composing and arranging music, and playing and teaching piano. I can’t believe that I’ve been teaching piano for over 30 years! It is still the most enjoyable, rewarding (and cozy 🏠) work I can imagine. To give back to the 🎹 community, I try each month to give you the best content I can think of– free sheet music, worksheets, flash cards, and the latest science on the best ways to practice.

Recently I’ve seen book giveaways from 📚Bookstagrammers📚 (people who talk about and review books on Instagram) , and I suddenly thought, “Why not give away some Upper Hands Piano books?” So today I have stacked these 12 copies of Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 1 (a $23.95 value) that I can’t wait to give to my subscribers. These books are 100% brand new, and would make a great holiday gift for any adult who has been wanting to start piano lessons, and just needs a little nudge. They are however last year’s edition and I had to cover the old BLOG address with the current one, with a sliver of adhesive paper. Other than that issue, these books are up to date. If that’s ok with you, then please enter to win one of 12 new copies of Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 1!


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The contest closes Saturday November 30th at 12 midnight EST. I will post a video of me picking random names from a hat on my @UpperHandsPiano Instagram stories, and will announce the winners here on my blog (I won’t give out your full name). I will also email the winners (only I see your email address if you leave a comment), and will send the winners a free Upper Hands Piano BOOK 1 via media mail, but you must email me back with your address! Don’t worry, I never share anyone’s information with anyone, ever.


Do you see the little metal gadget on the lower right side of the stack of books in the photo above? Those are called Page Holder Bookmarks, and are incredibly handy for keeping your sheet music books open. I have 20 of them to give away! If you leave a comment on my blog and didn’t win a book, you will be automatically entered to win the Page Holders in my January GIVEAWAY. So stay in touch!

By the way, your chances are pretty good that you will win a book or page holder. Though I have 4,614 subscribers on my blog (including my mom👵🏻 and she is disqualified), they are not very chatty! I get only a few comments each month, and without a comment you will not be entered to win!

Meanwhile, check out some of my former posts on the right ➡️to print free sheet music, flash cards, worksheets and to read about important practice tips. I want to be your resource for making piano lessons as fun and as understandable as possible.

Thanks again for following my blog, and good luck to you! With love and Music, Gaili

P.S. If you’re having trouble subscribing to my blog, send me an email at and I will subscribe you myself. Sorry, this technology is flawed!

66 Replies to “GIVEAWAY! 12 copies of Upper Hands Piano BOOK 1”

  1. Dear Gaili~
    Wow! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your amazing books. I wrote a reflection about the piano today and referenced you in the narrative as my current piano teacher. Your gratitude regarding your work mirrors mine. My life dream was to be able to sing and play the piano everyday and get paid for it-and to earn enough to live and support myself and my family. That’s what happened-thank God. Your music arrangements, blog, teaching videos, and resources are all life enhancing and have helped me to better my piano skills and techniques at this point in my life. I took a book full of your arrangements to an art fair and played on an outdoor piano this summer for about 30 minutes. Your arrangements of well known classical and folk music were instantly recognizable and pleasing to an audience. It was an inspiring and fun experience for me, and a ‘healthy risk’ to play piano music for strangers in a public venue on a community grand piano. Thank you for your inspiration to do so. I love playing the piano! It is my instrument. I get lost in time (flow) while playing and can now do so for over an hour without any interruptions. This used to be a dream and is now a reality. Next to prayer and singing, playing the piano is my next favorite daily habit, need, therapy, avocation, ministry, hobby, and joy!
    Musically yours, Dr. AnnRené Joseph

    1. Dr. AnnRené – as always, thanks so much for your wonderful comment. It is so great that you are willing to tell your story to our community. Good for you for challenging yourself to be vulnerable and take risks. I am so pleased to be your extended distnace-learning piano teacher! Much love to you, Gaili. You are entered

  2. I like these books for several reasons. Primarily, the music is good, the books are well edited, and there isn’t art work geared toward children. The page holders are fantastic. I gave them out as Christmas gifts to my students last year. They are very proud of themselves when they demonstrate that they can clip them to their books. Most of my teaching is with elementary age children, but I also have three junior and senior high students and two adults that I’m exceedingly proud of. I feel grateful that I can take the adults away from the stresses of the day and observe them get absorbed in something that requires their full concentration. I feel lucky to be a music teacher specializing in piano instruction. Thank you for your posts. I’ve often put them on my bulletin board outside my office. Your monthly musical scores are superb. I can’t express how supported I feel when a person such as you is willing to just give away something they have worked hard to produce. I want to be that type of person. I have a lot of work to do to be a gentle teacher and an organized one. I appreciate the chance to express myself here. I look forward to seeing what other teachers write. Have a very fine day.

  3. I read your blog because I am a piano teacher with older students. I have sent some of your suggestions from your blog to them over the last year. I really love the focus being on this age group and would appreciate sharing your book.

  4. Always good to read your blog, Gaili.
    I began learning piano after a cancer diagnosis 10 short years ago. Your book is one of my favorite. I now teach 14 children beginner piano and have one general music group class with 5 children! I have musicgarten training as well as a very supportive colleague. Thanks so much for your blog!

    1. Hi Darlene! I’m sorry to hear about your diganosis, but happy to hear that you are a survivor and thriving as a piano teacher. That is just wonderful! Thanks for using my Upper Hands Piano books! You might check out my Tips for Teachers on my RESOURCES page of my website: for more support. I took the Musikgarten training 23 years ago and loved it! You are entered

  5. Thank you for having this wonderful giveaway! I’ve only taught children but I’d love to teach older adults. This series would be great!

    1. Vicki teaching older adults is so great- you can teach retirees during the morning and afternoon and have more evening and weekend hours free. They tend to practice more, since they are paying for lessons themselves, and are more appreciative for all that you give them. Older adults alos know that taking lessons is great for their brains, and are therefore more motivated to keep taking lessons. And they are fun to be with! I hope you enjoy the experience. You are entered

  6. My favorite holiday song – Whence Comes This Rush of Wings – a Renaissance song. It is quite beautiful!

    I love reading your blog…lots of great information!

  7. I love the music I have received on your blog. I keep it in a folder and when I need a special song for a student, I can usually find what I need. My favorite one has been Sonata Pathetique. It was easy but sounded much harder. I have taught for a long time andevery year their is a student that makes me keep studying and learning. My daughter also teaches and her three children are faithful practicing students. I think I would me much less happy without piano. I cannot imagine my life without it. Thank you for all you have done to keep people learning. Linda King

  8. What a wonderful giveaway! I love your blog and look forward to your emails each month, and I had no idea you were on Instagram! I’m heading over there right now to follow you ❤️

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the Follow! I’m so happy to know that you look forward to my blog posts. I love writing them, and love hearing from subscribers about how I can help them. You are entered

  9. I have only recently discovered your Upper Hands music method for adults. It is well designed. I will be using it again in my music studio. Thank you!

  10. I am 75 years old and have just started taking piano. I have been taking my grandson to his piano lessons for over 3 years and his teacher talked me into taking also. I came across your blog and am thrilled to have the extra support it provides. I already have your Book No. 1, but was unable to find Book 2. Book 3 was available, but no Book 2.
    Thank you for being here. I love every minute I am able to practice. It’s the best decision I have made in a long time. I would love to have something to hold my book open on the piano.

    1. Hi Paula thanks for using my Upper Hands Piano BOOK 1! I am so distressed to know that you had trouble finding BOOK 2. It should be on Amazon along with all of the others, but it is possible that when you checked it was during my edit session. I did a recent edit on all of the books. Here is a link to BOOK 2: I’m so glad that your grandson’s teacher talked you into lessons! If you win BOOK 1 you can give your copy to her/him! You are entered

  11. Gaili.You are just the nicest of people.
    I have been following your blog, posts, for a while now, and always learn something.
    I really like your lessons on chords.
    I have your book 2.
    I am not trying for the give away, Book 1,, living outside of USA I would not qualify.
    Keep up the good work of helping we struggling players 🙂

  12. You mentioned the word “cozy” in your post and asked for a favorite holiday song. When I think of cozy holiday songs or singing, one thing I think of is how I would listen to a Perry Como Christmas record that my parents had when I was growing up. His voice and the way he sang those Christmas songs just made the season feel more cozy! I still enjoy listening to that record (or the cd now!) during the season.

  13. Great information for teaching adults. Love how you get adults playing quickly and offer great info for teachers and students alike.

  14. I am a beginner adult (almost 70) and love the piano but only started a couple years ago with learning to read music and play. Your free music sheets have been fun. Music has changed my life. Thank you.

    1. Kathryn this is so wonderful to hear! Congratulations on your courage to start playing the piano in your late 60s. If you win the book I know it will help your studies. You are entered

  15. I have been teaching piano for over 40 years that have been interspersed with teaching adults, which I love. I really love your monthly free piano sheets because they are perfect for some of the piano students I currently teach. I also like your music for my personal benefit as I try to memorize some of the pieces. I am so glad I found your web page/blog. Marva Packer from Utah

    1. Hi Marva! I’m so happy to hear that your students in Utah are using my arrangements! I have hid your email for your safety, but I have it written down for the drawing. You are entered

  16. My two adult students enjoy your music so much! Makes it fun to teach! It’s hard to choose a favorite Christmas selection. Maybe Joy to the World and for a secular choice, Let It Snow!

  17. Thanks for all you do with your piano books, music posts, and blog! The arrangements have helped me get started on piano as an older adult / retired history teacher.

    My favorite holiday song: Carol of the Bells – especially the one done by Celtic Woman, the great Irish singing group that often comes to the U.S. On YouTube –

    Second favorite: Il Est Ne le Divin Enfant – especially the one done by Lexi Walker. On YouTube –

    You can also check out the music page on my history class website, There is a link at the bottom of that page to the page with more of my Christmas favorites!

  18. Gaili, I look forward to your blog posts each month and have been dutiful, more or less, in practicing the exercises and learning new songs. I am inspired to keep playing because of your imaginative and thoughtful approach to teaching those of us who’ve started piano a little later in life. Favorite holiday songs include “O Holy Night” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” How’s that for variety? Even if I don’t win one of your books, I feel pretty lucky I found!

  19. Thanks Gail for sending me your arrangements of songs and also the informative topics such as the chords, etc. I am so glad you discovered your site. It has been such a help as I play piano at the local sr. center once/wk. They always have requests and some of your tunes really help to add to my program. It also helps refresh my mind regarding chords etc. Keep up the good work, Mary Callahan

    1. Hi Mary- it’s so great that you play at a senior center. I agree, it’s great practice. Plus you are giving them so much by entertaining them with music. Even if some are non-verbal they are hearing the music and their brains are responding. You are entered!

  20. Wow! What a generous giveaway! I often read your posts. Sorry I don’t usually comment.

    My all-time favorite Christmas song is “O Holy Night.” It is beautiful as an instrumental, as a vocal solo, as a choir piece, or as an orchestral performance. How perfect is that?!

    1. Hi Joni- O Holy Night is definitely one of the most beloved Christmas songs. Thanks for reading my posts- and it’s ok not to comment! I just love it when you do! You are entered!

  21. Hi! I always look forward to your monthly sheet music freebie. Thank you for sharing your arrangements with us fellow teachers! ☺

    My favorite holiday song is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”

    1. So nice to hear that you are finding the arrangements useful. Thanks for sharing your holiday fav- I will make arrangements of the songs with the most votes 🙂 Thanks for subscribing! You are entered!

    1. Fantastic! It sounds like you have the right attitude. It is a journey- there is always more to learn. Enjoy the process and feel free to reach out here with your questions and observations! Thanks for joining our community. You are entered!

  22. I always look forward to receiving the Upper Hands Piano arraignments each month. Thank you so much for sharing your music! The adult book looks very interesting. I have a few adult students and they are much different students than my elementary students! And the music page holder looks very useful. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Donna- thanks so much for being a subscriber! Yes, it’s very different teaching adults! I just love it! And the Upper Hands Piano series makes it easy for the teacher (I think :). You are entered!

  23. I have followed your blog ever since I have heard of it. I would love to win a copy of your book so I can compare it to those I am currently using with adults.

    1. Hi Barbara! I can outline a few of the differences for you here. I introduce exercises that prepare the student’s hand to play triads right away so that by p. 82 they can play melodies with triads (Major, minor, diminished and augmented chords as well as reading chord symbols). I present classical, popular and jazz literature so that they will eventually be able to play every style of music from sheet music as well as Fake Books. I use cognitive tools such as mnemonic, novelty, and brain training games to help the older adult student remember new musical concepts (these tools should actually be employed for all ages to help the student learn and retain information). Also the notes and fonts are a little bigger (but not huge), there is lots of review with theory and note-spelling worksheets built in. There is more information on teaching older adults here: and I suggest that you read my blog post about how to practice using what we know about how the brain learns here: Hope you find those interesting! The more we know about how the brain learns, the more effectively we can teach! Thanks, Gaili You are entered!

  24. Although I don’t comment often, I love this blog! I have taught piano to children for many years, but after moving to Florida and taking students to retirement communities to perform, I have been asked by many adults for piano lessons. I have found that my time teaching older adults is my favorite time of the day! Who knew?! Thank you for having this Thanksgiving drawing!!!

    1. Hi Debby! I don’t mind that my subscribers don’t often comment, but it sure is nice to know who I am writing to ! So thanks for introducing yourself. I agree, I love teaching older adults. They are so interested in learning- I often hear, “I’ve wanted to take lessons for 40 years!” etc. They are fun to hang out with, and they teach us a lot about aging. At 58 (soon to be 59) I am not far behind! You are entered!

  25. Thanks so much for doing this. I was made to take piano lessons for years, but could never learn to read the music. So, I had to count up each note before I could play it. Maybe this will be different.

    1. Oh yes, that is sure a difficult way to do it. What piano teachers know now is that we need to just learn a few notes at a time really well, before adding additional notes. It sounds like you had an unpleasant, inexperienced, teacher. So many people had bad experiences with their piano teachers growing up. I hope you are able to return to the piano if you think it might be fun to play again. You are entered!

  26. I am just found this blog and am having a good time just poking through your past posts. I am a senior piano student – senior as in older, not in skill level. I started taking lessons a year ago after I retired to fulfill a lifelong dream I have had to be able to play the piano. After 6 months of practicing on a Yamaha electric keyboard I made the decision to buy my first “real” piano so a purchased a 1990 Young Chang upright which I love. I have downloaded a number of the pieces you have posted to try my hand at. Thanks for providing some easier pieces for newer students like myself.

    1. Hi Linda! I’m so glad you found us! How great that you were able to upgrade to a real piano. It’s nice to have a keyboard too tho, for those times when one needs to practice with headphones! I’m sorry you missed our 12 BOOK giveaway but I am entering you into the January giveaway for the sheet music book page holder. Thanks for your comment!

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