March Free Sheet Music: Rhapsody In Blue, pt.2

It’s a gray day here in LA, the best weather for getting cozy with a book (it’s stay home and read a book day!) or some new sheet music for the second page of Rhapsody In Blue. (Click here for pt. 1 if you haven’t yet printed it.)

How are you doing with the first part of the Rhapsody? Tell us where you are in your process so that we can support your progress. As with pt. 1, some passages of pt. 2 have been simplified a bit, but many are in their original state, so it is definitely not an “easy” arrangement. I hope you enjoy playing this gorgeous piece! Stay tuned for pt 3!

CLICK HERE TO PRINT Rhapsody In Blue, pt.2

In case you’d forgotten, 🍀St. Patrick’s Day🍀 is just around the corner! I am practicing my accordion to get ready for upcoming Irish music gigs, and taking out all of my Irish sheet music for students who want to play their green on March 17th! Leave a comment below if you would like me to email some Irish tunes to you between March 1-17th 2020; I have Danny Boy, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, The Irish Washerwoman and others, ready to send to my blog subscribers! Let me know if you prefer simplified or intermediate (sometimes I have 2 versions of an arrangement.)

Also this month is the spring equinox, the day when there are an equal number of daylight and nighttime hours. CLICK HERE to read about spring piano goals and maintaining balance at the piano. This might also be a good time to reread my post called Practice Small about setting small goals for your practice sessions.

I hope you enjoy the warming renewal of spring in the coming weeks. In my walks around the neighborhood I am seeing blooming blue bulbs and purple magnolias, and it fills me with gratitude for all we have to enjoy and experience. With love and music, Gaili

P.S. Here are some of our piano instruction books: Upper Hands Piano: A Method for Adults 50+ to Spark the Mind, Heart and Soul, Books 1 and 2; Piano Powered: An Innovative New Piano Method to Power the Brain and Feed the Soul (for adults and children); and Songs of the Seasons: Spring. You can view pages on our website, or click below to view on

20 Replies to “March Free Sheet Music: Rhapsody In Blue, pt.2”

  1. I have an adult student of Irish heritage who is looking for Irish music for St. Patrick’s day. She would love Danny Boy, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, and The Irish Washerwoman. Thank you for your kind offer!

  2. I have Irish ancestors and would love your Irish songs! And thank you so much for simplifying Rhapsody in Blue!

  3. I love your simplified music. Thank you. Please send me some Irish songs as have an adult who would love them.

  4. Yes, I would also like some Irish tunes! That is wonderful that you also play the accordion; I need to practice more, too! Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephanie- I am not great on the accordion, but passable for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrators at our gigs. And every year I think I am a bit better, so it’s fun to persevere. The irish tunes are on their way to you 🙂

  5. Thanks again for keeping us practicing beautiful melodies !
    With practice and perseverance I can do it.
    I will welcome the Irish songs arrangements ,also the Handel ‘s Triumph of Time,if it is still available.
    Ps Great list of Irish movies and melodies.

  6. Thank you. As an advanced pianist, I would appreciate the original version of this piece. Can you make that available?

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