MAY Free Sheet Music: And Her Mother Came Too!

To celebrate Mother’s Day this month, I am posting the funny song And Her Mother Came Too by Ivor Novello with lyrics by Dion Titheradge. I first learned of the song when I saw the film Gosford Park, which portrays Ivor Novello singing the song. The song is about an annoying Mother-in-law who never gives a couple any privacy. Since I will become a Mother-in-law in June, and hope to be more sensitive than the mother-in-law in this song, I thought it might be a fun song to learn for Mother’s Day.

My arrangement of And Her Mother Came too originally appeared in my book 👆🏽Songs of the Seasons: Spring👆🏽 but it is available for free to my subscribers for a year, so print it today!

PRINT And Her Mother Came Too

Notice in my demonstration video below and in the Gosford Park performance, that the first page is played and sung with a rubato feel (freely, not to a beat), then the beat comes in on the second page, and the second and third pages are played in time.

I hope you have a happy Mother’s Day wherever you are, and enjoy playing this great and humorous old song this month. Leave a comment below and tell us how your piano practice is going. What have you been playing lately? I love hearing from you!

With love and music, Gaili

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  1. Congrats on your impending Mother-in-Law status, Gaili!!!!! Col & I became Grandies end of February! A lil’ guy…they have named him Luka!! Sending lots LoVe to you & Michael

  2. As I was playing this slowly while learning it I realized that it has a lovely, jazzy sound. The words are fun but there’s much more to this song. Thanks for sharing it and good luck with your pending mother-in-lawness!

    1. Hi Kathy! Yes, it is jazzy, and I agree, there is a lot to it. The melody is just great, and the chords are sometimes unexpected and go deeper than the funny lyrics. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! Gaili

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