More Pieces from Emma 2020 (Free Sheet Music)

I received requests for more pieces from the 2020 adaptation of Emma (now playing in theaters as well as online!), so today I am sending you another three pieces (and a few extra arrangements).

I loved the song Country Life the minute I heard it resounding over an exterior scene in Emma, but some people I know didn’t care for the track. I grew up listening to old English and Celtic music on a radio show called The Thistle and Shamrock, so I was used to the harmonies and the the raw vocal style. What do you think? Click on the free sheet music download below the video to play and sing Country Life:

Emma plays and sings an Irish Air called The Last Rose of Summer to entertain guests at a party. It’s noteworthy that the actress Anya Taylor-Joy is actually performing this sweet and beautiful song herself! There is no Youtube recording from the film, but here is a performance by Celtic Woman:

I found three interesting arrangements of The Last Rose of Summer. First, this is the traditional score with the vocal part and piano accompaniment:

This arrangment is a piano solo; I suggest you skip the intro page and start on page 2:

This third arrangement is a lovely Theme and Variations by Felix Mendelssohn:

After Emma performs The Last Rose of Summer, Jane Fairfax embarrasses Emma by showing off with Mozart’s Sonata in F (K.332 Allegro Assai):

Do you enjoy listening to film soundtracks? I love listening to underscoring (background music) during feature films, which are full of emotion and often fully orchestrated. Film scores are the best way for contemporary composers to support themselves, so there are some wonderful musicians writing our film music today. The score for Emma is beautiful, but since it is not in the public domain I cannot give you the sheet music for it. You might however enjoying listening to the soundtrack on Youtube, iTunes, Amazon music or other music outlets. I love the operatic theme entitled “Emma Woodhouse”, best.

That’s it for now, in a few days I will be posting Part 3 of my Rhapsody in Blue piano arrangement. (Click here to print the first set of pieces from Emma 2020.) I hope you are getting some extra piano practice in during these unsociable days. And try to take some time to listen to beautiful, uplifting music every day. With love and music, Gaili

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4 Replies to “More Pieces from Emma 2020 (Free Sheet Music)”

  1. Dear Gaili,
    Thank you, thank you, and thank you! When your email arrived with – yet – more music downloads for such a time as this, I could hardly wait to listen to the recordings and download the music and play the pieces.
    It is truly amazing how the gift of music is a ‘lift’ to the mind, body, soul, and spirit – no matter the circumstance.
    You continue to make a positive difference, enhance, and excite lifelong learning via the arts and playing the piano (and singing, too).
    Blessings and be well. We are well, thank God, while living in the epicenter of the outbreak in WA State. I am practicing daily. It is therapeutic and healing.
    Your student,
    Dr. AnnRené Joseph

    1. I am so happy and relieved to hear that you are well in the hazardous WA State area. Thankfully my NYC daughter is staying with us in LA and my Cambridge daughter is healthy and hard at study in England. Writing and gathering these arrangements has been as therapeutic for me as playing them has hopefully been for the pianists is who subscribe to my blog. When we love something, we can’t wait to share it! Love to you and your loved ones, and your sweet little dog too!

  2. Thank you Gaili for the wonderful music from Emma. I viewed the movie back in February, loved it and the music.
    I really did enjoy listening to the downloads and now I have the time to practice the music.
    Where I live, which is out in country New South Wales, we are all in self isolation in a bid to combat this dreadful virus. I feel sure we will succeed.
    And what better way to spend our time while we are ‘shut ins’ than to learn some fabulous new music.
    Thank you so much once again.
    Karlyn Robinson

    1. I agree Karlyn! It’s a great time to learn new music. That’s why I have been arranging so many pieces lately. I’m hoping that people will get inspired to practice longer and feel good about the time spent indoors. I wish you the best in fending off the virus. I am LA where there are many who are ill, but so far I’ve managed to stay well. Thanks for your comment and thanks for subscribing!

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