October Free Sheet Music: La campanella

La Campanella (The Little Bell)

One of the most beloved pieces in piano literature is Franz Liszt’s La Campanella (“The Little Bell”) which is Liszt’s take on Niccolò Paganini’s Violin Concerto No. 2. I was reminded of this gorgeous piece lately when I while watching the documentary, They Came to Play about the Van Cliburn Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs. La Campanella is an extremely difficult piece, so naturally I began thinking about how to make its beautiful melody accessible to less advanced pianists 🙂  I hope you enjoy playing this simplified arrangement of La Campanella. As always with my arrangements, feel free to print and share it with other students and teachers.


…plus 11 other simplified arrangements from the past year on our website

Note: I can only keep each free sheet music arrangement on my website for a year. If this title is no longer available on the Free Sheet Music page of my website, please request it by email: upperhandspiano@gmail.com and I will email it to you! Don’t worry, I won’t spam or share your email. 

I hope you are enjoying the first bite of autumn, wherever you are. Here in LA there are rumors of rain, but we won’t get our hopes up too high. 

I have some exciting news that I will share with you later this week! Until then, enjoy an abundant and peaceful fall harvest. With love and music, Gaili

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8 Replies to “October Free Sheet Music: La campanella”

  1. Dear Gaili :

    Greetings from Finland ! I have been subscribing your interesting piano blog for many years. Maybe you remember, I once sent a little message to your site? It came to me that I’d like to send to you, and if you feel that way, maybe to all interested ones in your group ?, a score of one of my piano compositions, which I think could be interesting for many of the piano pupils/players. The name of the song is Waltz in F major.

    Are you interested to see the score ? If yes, where could I send it to ?

    With best composing regards

    Antti Hernesniemi

    Dr.Med.Sci., MA (musicology)
    Espoo, Finland

  2. Your piano music arrangements are beautiful and make me sound like a concert pianist. Thank you.
    Dr. AnnRené Joseph

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