September Free Sheet Music: Maple Leaf Rag

As we inch closer to the turning of the seasons, I thought I would share my early -intermediate arrangement of Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag with you! My Maple Leaf Rag arrangement is my #1 selling sheet music on Sheet Music Plus, so I thought you might like to play it too! Remember it will only be available for free through August 2022, so print it today! The arrangement is two pages long, and covers Joplin’s main theme:

PRINT Maple Leaf Rag

The arrangement is from my Songs of the Seasons: AUTUMN sheet music book series, available on Amazon. Here are demonstrations of this arrangement in two tempos:

Maple Leaf Rag- SLOW TEMPO (play at this tempo as you are learning the notes and rhythms)
Maple Leaf Rag- FAST TEMPO (reach for this tempo after you feel comfortable with the notes and rhythms)

For advanced pianists who would like to play the Maple Leaf Rag in its original form, download here:

Happy September piano friends! Autumn is my favorite season, and even though we don’t have a lot of deciduous trees in southern California, we do see some Japanese Maples on certain streets, and we just love them! I’m looking forward to cool evenings, fall holidays, wearing sweaters, making soups, reading books by our fireplace and getting cozy at the piano.

Have you been playing the Moonlight Sonata from my July and August blog posts? If you have been enjoying the slow, haunting beauty of Beethoven’s Adagio theme, I hope you are ready for some perky, uptempo Scott Joplin this month 🙂

This month I find myself with two openings for piano students! If you are looking for an online piano teacher for yourself or someone else, email me at for details.

I hope you have a lovely September. Are there some pieces you like to revisit or books you like to reread in Autumn? Share your favorites with us or give us an update on your piano progress in the comments below. With love and music, Gaili

6 Replies to “September Free Sheet Music: Maple Leaf Rag”

  1. Thank you so much for all of the music. As I get older my vision continues to grow dark. Your easy to read music has meant so much to me.

  2. I have not seen any music for October and hope all is well with you, Gaili. Your monthly pieces are always a welcome surprise and I greatly enjoy the challenge of learning them.

    1. Kathy thanks so much for your comment and your concern. We have been on a long birthday (my husband’s) east coast trip. I had the arrangement all ready to go but forgot to send myself the accompanying photo, which I need in order to post the piece on my website. Once I return home this weekend I will post the October piece. So sorry for the delay! I hate being late with my sheet music post. Meanwhile I appreciate knowing that my arrangements are meaningful to you.

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