Earlier this year I watched a PBS series called SUPER BRAIN, featuring Rudolph Tanzi, a neurologist at Harvard Medical School, and Deepak Chopra, a physician and prolific author. Though the title sounds pretty cheesy, I thought the PBS segments were great, and learned a lof from Dr. Tanzi especially. I bought their series of DVDs and books in which they discuss the latest information on the mind and how to maximize your brain power. I will offer some of their wisdom to you in the coming blog posts, and would be happy to host a screening of some of their DVDs on subjects such as preventing Alzheimer’s, boosting memory and the Super Brain overview to those of you who live in the LA area.

Today I wanted to quote Drs. Tanzi and Chopra on how to develop the kind of mind-set that keeps your brain healthy. Here are the characteristics they list for an individual with the greatest potential for a Super Brain:

  • I Look upon every day as a new world
  • I pay attention not to fall into bad habits
  • I like to improvise
  • I am never bored, always seeking out new things to do
  • I will keep evolving my whole lifetime
  • If I learn a new skill, I will take it as far as I can
  • I adapt quickly to change
  • If I’m not good at something when I first try it, that’s okay, I like the challenge
  • I thrive on activity, with only a small amount of down time
  • I like reinventing myself
  • I’ve recently changed a long-held belief or opinion
  • There’s at least one thing I’m an expert on
  • I gravitate towards educational outlets on TV or in local colleges
  • I’m inspired by my life on a day-to-day basis
  • I feel comfortably in control
  • I actively avoid stressful situations by walking away and letting go
  • My mood is consistently good
  • Despite unexpected events my life is headed in the direction I want it to go
  • I like the way my mind thinks

Do you feel that at least some of these attitudes describe you? If some of them made you laugh (or cringe), they are probably the things you still need to develop in your personality.

In the next week I will continue to tell you more about how to have a Super Brain. Maybe they will help you to change a long-held opinion, walk away from stress, or attract you to educational outlets, and you will be on your way!

Thanks for reading my blogs, I hope it isn’t too annoying getting so many emails from me. After our pledge is over I’ll go back to one blog per month or so. Tomorrow I will post a free sheet music download! Until then, keep evolving, adapting to change, and reinventing yourself!

With love and music, Gaili

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