Treble Staff Ledger Lines: Free Worksheets

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A couple of month ago I posted worksheets for learning bass ledger lines, and this month I wanted to follow up with worksheets for learning treble staff ledger lines. In both sets of worksheets I use octaves to help the brain grasp where the notes fall on the keyboard. It really helps to orient yourself on the staff and keyboard when you play notes you know, alongside the notes you might just be guessing at. These treble staff worksheets will train your brain to recognize the notes from three ledger lines below the staff (F3), up to three ledger lines above the staff (E6). I didn’t use numbers such as A4 on the treble worksheets because there is so much confusion about octave numbers. Some editors call the lowest key on a standard piano A0 and others call it A1. In my Upper Hands Piano instruction books for Adults 50+, I call the lowest note on the piano A1, which makes middle C, C4, because that seems to be the system most agreed upon. If you find the key numbers confusing don’t worry about learning them. They are just a learning tool, and work better for some than for others. Practice these treble note worksheets a few lines at a time, eventually playing all the lines from 1-16 at one sitting.


I hope you are still able to play your piano in these dog days of summer. It is hot and humid here in Southern California, but of course it has not been nearly as bad as in many cities around the world this week.

In a few days I will be posting the free sheet music for August- I have arranged a few classical favorites that my blog followers have requested in their comments. I love getting your requests! Keep in mind that I can only post songs and pieces written before 1924 (i.e. in the public domain), for free.

Have you set an intention to learn a certain song or piece this summer? Let us know what you are playing so that we can support your efforts! Stay cool, with love and music, Gaili

Author, Upper Hands Piano: A Method for Adults 50+ to Spark the Mind, Heart and Soul

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2 Replies to “Treble Staff Ledger Lines: Free Worksheets”

  1. Dear Gaili,
    I want you to know that your music has become a ‘go to’ resource for me in my practicing, and in playing and performing. Last month, my husband and I attended a city arts festival, and there was an ‘open piano’ for people to play. I brought a book bag full of your musical arrangements, and played outside on the Yamaha baby grand for 35-45 minutes. A visual artist was painting on the sidewalk patio next to me. The sun was shining, people were milling around, and arts were surrounding all. I was validated, happy, calm, and successful in my spontaneous public playing of the piano in a decade. Thank you. You, your teaching, and your resources have enhanced my life. I refer to you as my piano teacher, and promote your website, resources, and teaching to all ages. Blessings to you.
    Dr. AnnRené Joseph

    1. Wow, I love imagining you calmly playing the piano in the sunshine at an arts festival. You know, I have only sat down at an open piano once, and it was difficult even for me. I have walked by many pianos, feeling too timid to take the bench. I am so excited for you that you have reached that level of comfort! Thanks for your many kind words Dr. AnnRené, you always lift me up with your kind heart and deep praise. Thank you also for all of the work you do to advocate for the arts. I am happy to think of you as one of my students- at large! Lots of love and blessings to you, Gaili

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